What makes you pay more attention to the malaysian super league

Football is known as the King of sports which over 250 million in the world and is watched the huge number of viewers. Most people wait to watch matches on a weekly basis to entertain and see their certain idols who are worshipped by millions of fan all round the world. It is not excessive to say that soccer is considered as a religion! This religion is also alive and very popular in Malaysia as most of boy in the country play and watch football. However, many people pay attention to the English Premier League where players bought and sold for exorbitant amount. The reason I am here is for turning your attention to Malaysia Super League for the following reasons.

malaysian super league

Exciting league with electric atmosphere

Anyone who has ever watched a local soccer match, particularly the ones which appear big and famous soccer teams like Selangor, JDT or Kedah are able to feel the electric atmosphere at the stadium. The cheer and chanting of the fans make stadium vibrate as well as signing your state song and Negaraku alongside a packed crowd will send shivers down your spine. If you join in placing online betting on the teams in the match, absolutely you will feel more excited to follow the games.

Get the pride of local stars

With the Gold medal in Vientiane, Laos at Sea Games 2009, it can be said that it is the revival of the league and Malaysian football. In spite of the team is not enough international experience and must be underdog label humiliated Timor Leste 11-0, beat giants Thailand and Vietnam on the way to our first success in Southeast Asian soccer for a long time.

The young players in this team have gone on to become unforgettable household names in the domestic league at present. The likes of Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Zaquan Adha, Safiq Rahim, Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, and Safee Salicontinue to make the league a very recreational one. If you do not feel to be convinced by those videos yet, this one of Faiz Subri’s Puskas Award-worthy free kick surely would.

Malaysian Super League transitioning to the privatization

In 2007, Malaysia Super League will be privatized after a long debate that marks an exciting transition for local football. Presently, state governments is unit to for team to rent the stadium and in most states, the state government has considerable effect on major club decisions. The impact of the privatization to clubs are set to attain a bigger cut of the revenue from sponsorships, media deals and ticket sales. Clubs would also be capable to find bigger and better sponsors which could also lead to big name signings. Who knows, one day Lionel Messi could be playing for Selangor.

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