Useful betting rules as playing Sicbo

Sicbo is one of the most popular game at casino online Malaysia which selected by the number of player due to it brings the high winning rate. This game has various way of bet and is very common in the online casinos all over the world. Earning a lot of rewards from this online betting game is not too difficult if you are possible to identify a right direction. However, players are also easy to lose their money if they do not grasp the basic rules in Sicbo betting. The following is some rules you had better remember to make an effective bet.


Small sequence, big sequence, odd number, even number

Sequence line like in Baccarat poker, small sequence often appears more than big one. Odd number chains also appears less than evens. We need to apply some method to follow these betting sequence as we guess that they are capable to appear, which will bring higher winning rate.

Bet 4 lines, hit 3 lines

We will bet alternately as long as there’s no appearance of double number. If you can hit, the profit will increase seven times. You need to observe the appearance rate of numbers, then guessing bet line for the next session.

Double number

Although the reward of this bet line is higher, its winning rate is very low that will cause for us disadvantages. If you do not have enough confidence, you should not select this bet type. However, sometimes you can change to try this bet way if you have inspiration.

Bet on score

The winning rate of this bet line is very high, but you need to have experience to select. In usual, players will bet on score as appearing the sequence. Of course, it will be good if you can guess odd number or even number. This bet method is absolutely appropriate with everyone.

Bet on two numbers

Winning possibility of this type is not high, but the reward is big. You are possible to opt it if you want to challenge yourself and feel self-confident. It will be also an awesome experience to try it once to get more excitement.

Through the above rules, we are able to realize that there is a similarity of bet between Sicbo and Baccarat poker. If players can grasp these fundamental bet rules, they will choose themselves the most appropriate bet type. In addition, we can combine flexibly the above ways of bet based on our experience. Do not forget that our opportunity will come when appearing the sequence.

Coming to Malaysia online casino now and enjoy this amazing game to reach the huge rewards and use these keys to win the bet. Good luck!

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