Tips and tricks to win Joker Poker games in rules

Poker is a classic pastime that popular in both online casino and land based casino. There are many kinds of poker games as well as its variations. Joker Poker, also referred to as Joker Wild is one of better poker variations with the Joker acting as a wild. The presence of the Joker allows players to play the game with a 53-card deck rather than the standard 52 cards we often see. Play joker poker is quite easy, but to master and win it is not also. It is impossible to win by cheating or scams. But here, this article will provide you basic rules of this Joker Poker game and how to win it when playing in rules.

 Joker Poker games

How to Play Joker Poker Online

You will be dealt five cards in the Joker Poker video game. Your mission is to keep all best cards so as to complete the best paying winning hand. Keep all cards you want by clicking the card itself or clicking the Hold button below the card. Then click the Deal button. Then the dealer will deal with all cards and consider to show the hand ranking as well as the winner.

Joker Poker hand ranking and winning hands

The Joker Poker hand ranking similar to the hand ranking of other Poker games including Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Five of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two pairs and One pair. The requirement of each hand is general rules.

The winning hands in Joker Poker includes Natural Royal Flush, Five of a Kind, Joker Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two pairs and Kings or Better.

Tips and tricks to win Joker Poker games in rules

As I have mentioned above, Joker Poker is fairly simple to learn, but to get winnings in this variation of poker games, you need the support of tips, tricks and strategies.

Remember that the dealt hands always fall into two categories: one is hand that have a Joker and other that do not. So, what should you do after that? Here below is what to do when you have a hand with a Joker and without a Joker.

In case you are dealt a hand with a Joker. You should hold Three of a Kind or higher. If possible, always keep 4 cards to a Royal Flush. If impossible, you can keep three cards to Royal Flush and paying pairs of High cards (Kings and Aces). Hold consecutive four-card Straights. You can also hold any four-card Flush without an Ace or a King.

In case you are not dealt any of the above combinations, hold only Joker and discard all cards because Joker is part of the combination that you are looking for. So take the advantage of Joker.

Here above is all necessary knowledge to play and win Joker Poker in rules. If you are interested in other poker games, visit out site for further advices. Welcome!

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