Tips to get more money when playing highway king slot

You are a person who likes thrilling games with battles of the big trucks on the race? And you want to find for yourself a game like that for your Christmas holiday? Highway king slot is absolutely the game for you. Being a product of Playtech – leading provider of many famous games in the gambling market, highway king slot attracts players because of its speed and progressive jackpots up to millions of dollar. So, how to get more money at highway king slot game? We are here to provide you useful tips to earn more and more money in this game slot.

highway king slot

Master basic information of highway king slot

Highway king slot has 5 reels and 9 pay lines. This slot game does not offer any bonus rounds with online version, but it brings the chance of getting huge reward with Dollar Ball progressive jackpot. The Dollar Ball progressive jackpot is linked to casino system in over Malaysia casino website. So the progressive jackpots are really huge up to millions of dollar. That is one of reasons why people love playing Highway king slot game. Not only that, you can get rewards from very regular symbols such as tires, pistons, wheels, petrol pumps, dices and plungers besides main symbols as red truck, yellow truck and green truck. Therefore, try to get all symbols to increase your chances of getting more money.

Practice more and more with highway king slot free play

Any online casino offers highway king slot free play option. That is a good chance for those who are new players to practice more and more without any risks involved. By playing highway king free play, you can better understand and master rules of the game. Besides, you can find the rule of Random Number Generators. So there is no reason why you don’t play it.

Play as many paylines as possible

Unlike other slot games in Kuala Lumpur casino, highway king slot only offers 9 paylines, less than other slot games. However, it offers higher money prizes because it is progressive jackpot slot. One of requirements to get huge jackpot is to play the max paylines. So, try to bet all 9 paylines to look for huge jackpot. If you win a highway king slot game jackpot, you can change your life immediately.

Build up your bankroll

You should have a goal to build up your bank account. You do not allow yourself to play and lose ever the limit you have set. Play at low stakes and try to get more and more rewards no matter how it small or not. After your bankroll are enough to play for jackpot, try your luck.

Take break when playing

Playing highway king slot is really exciting and it is difficult to stop. It can takes many hours of you. So, take some break during playing to keep yourself awake to make right decisions.
Here above are the basic tips for getting more money in highway king slot game. Hopefully they are useful for you. Good luck!

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