Guide to win at online Belangkai slot game

Belangkai is known as one of the most famous online slot games with easily playing way, great design and high winning payouts. In Malaysian, Belangkai means the King Crab, a game which cover both luck and skills. So, there are many people all over the world, especially Chinese like to play the Belangkai game. Belangkai can be simple played for fun, but the appeal of this is playing for real cash. There are many people get rich from playing the Belangkai slot game. If you are interested in the Malaysian Belangkai slot game, this writing is something you cannot miss. We will offer a guide to play and win online Belangkai casino game Malaysia.


The basic about Belangkai game

As I have mentioned above, Belangkai is also known with the name as King Crap. In order to play Belangkai casino games, you need to know what essential implements for the game are. They include a King Crab (of course, it is reason why the name of this game is King crab) a small four-sided top with the facets of which bear an engraving, a Flower of Star, a Fish, a Prawn, a saucer or small disk in which to spin the top. Besides, you also need to mark out in four rectangles which correspond with the four facets of the top and a small bowl to cover the top when spinning. In addition, there I a wide range of bet types for you to choose from King Crab, Flower, Prawn or Fish.

Tips to win at Belangkai casino game

As many other online casino games at Malaysia casino website, Belangkai table slot is an easy game to play, but it is not easy to win it. So, this article will introduce to you some useful tips to win at online Belangkai game.

The first, you need to master all functions of buttons of the game such as spin button is to spin, auto spin is to spin automatically after finish the game. This help you not only play more influent, but also find appreciate strategies.

The seconds, it is necessary to master the speed of the game. In general, each Belangkai game will take on very fast, so you need to have good mentality to catch up the speed of the game.

The third, you need to manage your money. Set limits of losses and wins as well as pay attention to how much money you have lost to stop in time. Whenever you hit the limits of losses or wins, stop for the day. Don’t chase your losses, it is useless.

Where to bet on Belangkai online?

After reading information above, the next thing you need to do in finding a trusted online casino to putdown your money because not all online casinos offer you high payouts as well as reliable dealer. So, if you are looking for a great place for Belangkai slot game, G3M online betting Malaysia is exactly great choice for you. Your payouts and betting experience will be guaranteed at G3M. More than that, you have chance to get generous free bonus such as 100% welcome bonus, birthday bonus, refer a friend bonus, loyalty bonus and more.

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