How to bet on liga super Malaysia

Liga super Malaysia or known as the Malaysia super league is one of the most famous football leagues in Malaysia. Nowadays, the fame of the liga super Malaysia quickly spreads over the world and becomes a potential football league to bet on. The opportunity to earn consistent profits from Malaysia super league is greater than any other sport league. If you are new to liga super Malaysia betting, this guide will show you the fundamentals of profitable football betting and how to bet on the league as well as enhance your chances of making money betting on liga super Malaysia 2017.

liga super Malaysia

Introduction about liga super Malaysia

The top flight of Malaysia football is always great address to enjoy and place some wagers to make money. One of the leading football leagues here is super league or also as liga super in Malaysian. As with the other major European leagues, Malaysia super league is massive when it comes to football betting. With 12 teams which play twice home and away, each match of Malaysia super league offer a potential route to profit with many amazing prizes. The liga super Malaysia 2017 season will start on 20 January and conclude on 21 October 2017. Besides, liga super live stream is available to watch and bet on. You will find a list of live football streaming which you can join for free with the highest broadcasting quality.

How Malaysia super league works

In total, 12 teams compete in Liga super Malaysia every season. Each team will play twice including home and away. Three points are awarded for a win and one for a draw. In the case of teams who are tied on points, result will be determined by the following criteria: goal difference, head-to-head points, goals scored, head-to-head goal difference or even fair-play points. Register an account at casino online real money Malaysia, then click to sportsboook section and look at the odds as well as the latest scores to decide to bet on which team. There are 12 teams for you to choose from including Felda United, JDT, Kedah, Kelantan, Melaca United, Pahang, Perak, PKNS, Pulau Pinang, Sarawak, Selangor and T-Team.

Bet types on offer for liga super Malaysia

There are dozens of football bet types on betting market offered for each liga super Malaysia match over seasons. However, the most common football bet types include:

Asian handicap:

As the name suggested, it is a bet type of Asian which allows players to choose the winner with each competing team with a goals handicap. The attractive of this type is you can select to bet on spread points to increase your chances of winning money.

Match result 1×2:

This is the most popular bet type in history of existence that allows players to select the results of the game (Home win, Away win, Draw) at the end of 90 minutes plus added time.

Goal total Over/Under:

As the name suggested, player will choose to bet on either over or under a specified number of goals.

Here above are brief guide to betting on liga super Malaysia. Join now and make money!

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